Gates Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc. is made up of the following departments.


This department manages the day-to-day activities of our agency. The activities include

  • Ensuring staffing of personnel and equipment
  • Working with partner agencies around the county
  • Documenting the policies and procedures that govern our agency
  • New membership orientation
  • Personnel management

Advanced Life Support

The ALS department steers the agency in all matters related to providing advanced life support. This includes

  • Purchasing and maintenance of life saving equipment
  • Training for our paramedics, critical care technicians and intermediate EMTs
  • Participation in the creation and implementation of local, regional and state care protocols

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety department is in charge of

  • Maintaining medical records for our personnel
  • Providing infectious disease control training
  • Ensuring the well-being of our membership on and off the job

Quality Assurance

This department ensures that our care and documentation meet state and regional standard using a peer-review process.

The Training department ensures that all members of GVAS receive adequate training to perform their jobs. Some of the responsibilities of this busy department include

  • Scheduling of training classes
  • Monitoring new volunteer members' progress
  • Maintaining training records
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations at all governmental levels

Board of Directors

This special department is made up of volunteers and members of the community and its function is to ensure that the business aspect of Gates Ambulance runs like a well-oiled machine. Their responsbilities include:

  • Hiring and approving memberships
  • Writing and securing grants
  • Insurance and Service Award program
  • GVAS Scholarship Program
  • Building & Maintenance
  • Capital Assets