Over the last 54 years, volunteers have individually contributed thousands of hours serving our community. This page is dedicated to sharing some awards and honors that they have received.

The F. W. Conway Memorial Award

The F. W. Conway Memorial Award is the highest honor given by the GATES VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC. to a member who has shown outstanding service and dedication to the organization. The award is named in memory of Fred W. Conway, who volunteered nearly 2,000 hours during the years he served as a medic and dispatcher, most of them on the Sunday morning ambulance shift. Following his death, the board of directors - with the approval of Fred's wife, Nora, a past GVAS dispatcher - established the award in his name with funds that Fred had given to the organization. The first recipients of the award were: Gordon R. Lindsay, director of operations from 1966 to 1973 and William Stauber (posthumously), the Gates Police Chief who originated the concept of a volunteer ambulance service for the Town of Gates and who also served as the first president of the board of directors. Subsequent honorees have included:

Cecil J. Karley, 1976
John F. Montione, M.D., 1977
Kenneth E. McMahon, 1978
Patricia Nihill, 1979
Eileen VanDerMallie, 1980
James J. Hess, 1981
Ruthe Neu, 1982
Anthony U. Federico, 1983
Neil Flood, 1984
Mary Hadley, 1985
Elsie Glendenning and Noel Schey, 1986
David Quartley, 1987
Erwin Stockmaster and William Stockmaster, 1988
Lynne Boher-Wall and Craig Densmore, 1989
Edward Verdouw and John Robortella, 1990
Philip Scalia, 1991
Ralph Glidden, 1992
Nancy Mauro, 1993
John Merklinger and Peter DiSalvo, 1994
Reg Allen, 1995
William Vogel, 1996
Lorin Carter, 1997
Carol Muehlbauer and Hardy Schulz, 1998
Phil Martell and Jerry Patterson, 1999
Robert McElligott, 2000
Linda Tribotte and Sharon Chiumento, 2001
Paul Drotar, 2002
Edward Mauro, 2003
Duane Hinkel, 2004
Kevin Sura, 2005
Diane Stevens, 2006
Dan DiSalvo, 2007
Richard Verdouw, 2008
Raini Laforce, 2009
David Cai, 2010
David Cai, 2011
Dan Caternolo, 2012
Nancy West, 2013
Bruce Jones, 2014
The members of GVAS in recongnition of the 50th anniversary, 2015
Mary Hartman, 2016


The David W. Uhl Memorial Award

The David W. Uhl Memorial Award was established in 1986 to recognize the volunteer who contributes the greatest number of hours during the preceding year. A GVAS medic and an over-the-road driver, David Uhl died in early 1986 following an accident on a New Jersey expressway. His wife, Cindy, in expressing her gratitude to all of the ambulance volunteers, was especially grateful for the many hundreds of hours contributed by individual members each year. In a demonstration of her appreciation, she provided a gift to establish and endow this award - one that not only will specially recognize an ambulance volunteer, but that also will keep David's memory with the members of the GATES VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC, for generations to come. Past recipients include:

Steven Pettenski, 1986
Robert McElligott, 1987 and 1988
Cathy Zucco, 1989
Heather Nielson. 1990
Marc Labarbera, 1991
Lori Feasel, 1992
Sharon Chiumento, 1993 and 1996
Nancy Mauro, 1994 and 1995
David Oister, 1997
Mike McGloin, 1998, 1999
Raini LaForce, 2000
Mike McGloin, 2001, 2002
Dan Caternolo, 2003
Ed Mauro, 2004
Pete DiSalvo, 2005
Dan Caternolo, 2006
Ed Mauro, 2007
David Phelps, 2008
David Cai, 2009
David Phelps, 2010
Carol Muehlbauer, 2011
Carol Muehlbauer , 2012
Carol Muehlbauer , 2013
Jerry Patterson, 2014
Carol Muelbauer, 2015
Carol Muelbauer, 2016