A Program to Reduce Ambulance Tax and Increase Service.

The Gates Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc. has proudly served the Town of Gates since 1964. It has been the continuing goal to provide quality professional emergency medical service for the sick and injured residents of Gates.

Over the years the financing of the operation has gone from private donations and a fund drive to the establishment of an ambulance tax district in 1995. The residents have always been totally supportive of the services of Gates Volunteer Ambulance. With increasing costs of supplies, insurance, payroll and increase call volume is climbing greater every year. The training required now is more than ever for quality care. The residents require and deserve the best quality care possible.
The challenges that are facing Emergency Medical Services at the national and local level include:

  • Population growing older than ever before.
  • Increased complexity of medical calls.
  • Increased in-home care of sick people.
  • Preparation to be prepared for bio-terrorism and mass casualty incidents.

Third party billing is a process by which am ambulance service charges a patient’s insurance company for services rendered. In this case Gates Ambulance would bill a resident’s health insurance company for services rendered, and the balance (co-pays, deductibles, rejections or no insurance) would be paid through the ambulance tax district funds. In this manner Gates Ambulance would be able to recoup the significant costs of emergency medical services to the residents of Gates, meanwhile ensuring that No Gates Resident would be responsible for a bill for services provided by Gates Volunteer Ambulance. This plan would also include residents that do not have health care insurance.
These additional funds would be used to increase service to residents.
The Gates Ambulance Board of Directors would like to assure the residents that this is the best possible solution for long term financing of Emergency Medical Service in Gates without major tax increases.

If you have any questions, please feel to call our base at 247-5519 during normal working hours. Thank you for your continuing support