Gates Ambulance offers convenient ways to pay your bill, make a donation or pay for training. 

Gates Ambulance graciously accepts donations. These donations help to offset the cost of trainings to not only staff but the community that we serve. We also use donations to help offset the cost of building repairs, capital improvements and equipment upgrades. Although we bill for service, the steadily increasing cost of equipment and supplies and the decreasing reimbursement from insurance companies, makes it difficult to update and replace equipment when needed. Thank you for everything you give. 



Please pay your bill here. Thank You.

Below you will find where to find the information required to help pay your bill. To pay with a credit card, please enter your run number, found as outlined on your bill, into the box below, and follow the onscreen prompts.
If you are paying for a training class, please enter the class you are paying for, instead of a run number. Thank you

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