Gates Ambulance is proud to help be a part of the ongoing training and education of new EMT’s and Paramedics.

Whether you are an EMT student looking to schedule your first ride along, or a Paramedic Student trying to secure your Team Leads, GVAS is happy to assist you in your educational goals, and hope you can enjoy the unique blend of Rural vs Metro that is unique to the district that we are lucky enough to serve.

All students that are interested in riding with GVAS must ensure that they properly follow their schools policies and procedures prior to reaching out to our Training Department, and are cleared by their Program to perform both the physical activities required, and the skills that they intend to practice.

Other healthcare personnel, such as Doctors or Registered Nurses, are welcome to schedule ride time as well. As much as we are happy to help educate others in the field to our unique profession, please check with your Program Administrator first, to see if there is already a program available to you before reaching out to us.

If you are interested in scheduling Ride Time, please reach out to our Training Department:

Jennifer Everett
Training Captain